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International environmental crisis management forum and Exhibition visit to the Secretary for econom
2020-09-01 10:49  Browse:31

Recently, in order to make preparations for the international environmental crisis management forum and Exhibition (iecmf), led by Shi Jialun, President of the Guangdong Macao Federation of industry and commerce, and Lin Zhongxian, President of the Macao exhibition and Trade Association, an eight person delegation visited the Secretary for economy and finance. They were received by Secretary Li Weinong, director of Gu Meiling's office, chairman Liu Weiming and executive member Li zaosen of the administrative committee of the Council for the promotion of trade. The two sides exchanged views on promoting the advantages of iecmf platform, joint prevention and control measures between Macao and the mainland, and the development of exhibition industry under the epidemic.

Director Li Weinong affirmed and supported the holding of iecmf, pointed out that the environmental crisis is a major test of modern urban governance, and ensuring safety is the premise of orderly economic and social operation. He thanked the citizens of Australia for their full cooperation, which has made the epidemic prevention in Australia effective and gave passengers confidence in a healthy and safe city. He believes that the efforts made by the conference and exhibition teams in different regions can not only promote the recovery of the crisis, but also inject momentum into the efforts of the conference and exhibition teams in different regions. The exhibition industry is expected to provide accurate services to meet customer needs, actively promote urban brands, and expand the social benefits of the activities through live broadcasting.

Chairman Liu Weiming is happy to see the industry hold meaningful new conference and exhibition projects. He believes that the activities can promote professional exchanges and industry cooperation, make more people realize that Macao is a safe city, and hope to become a brand project in the field of environmental crisis management.

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