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Yinglong and home textile buyers from the Canton Fair have gone deep into the procurement negotiatio
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Home textile is Samsung's prosperous and leading industry, located in Dieshiqiao International Home Textile City in Samsung Town, with an area of over one million square meters. It is the largest professional market in China. Home textile bedding products have a national market share of over 40% and are exported to over 130 countries and regions.

From May 8th to May 9th, 2023, 56 professional buyers from overseas Canton Fair led by Winbtb Exhibition visited Dieshiqiao Home Textile City for negotiation, including over 20 countries and regions including Italy, Romania, Mexico, Uzbekistan, Russia, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, etc. At the event site, the corridor on the first floor of the core trading area of Phase III of Dieshiqiao Market in Sanxing Town, Haimen District, Nantong City is filled with face-to-face and zero distance "procurement docking" between international buyers and local home textile foreign trade enterprises, creating new international trade opportunities for small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises and market merchants at their doorstep.

On the morning of May 8th at 9 o'clock, international buyers went to the core trading area of Block A, Phase III of Dieshiqiao International Home Textile City in Sanxing Town to participate in the opening ceremony of the 2023 Guangzhou International Trade Fair's Haimen Tour and Dieshiqiao Trade Matchmaking Conference. Two representatives of international merchants from Russia and India were invited to participate in the signing ceremony.

International customer representative signing group photo

At 9:40 am on May 8th, the 2023 Canton Fair International Merchants' Haimen Travel and Dieshiqiao Trade Matchmaking Conference officially began. Enterprises found suitable overseas buyers to negotiate based on the Taiwan brand, and over a hundred trade talks were held simultaneously. The activity was in full swing, and the enterprise even had a "supply shortage", with multiple enterprises negotiating with an overseas buyer at the same time. On site, multiple overseas buyers were invited to visit the company's storefront and the factory. Some buyers reached an intention to cooperate with the participating companies and purchased samples. Let the entire city's home textile industry open up wider sales channels and expand into larger markets. Director Fan, Director of Dieshiqiao Market Development Service Center, introduced that "there are only a few companies that have the opportunity to participate in the Canton Fair. We would like to invite a group of buyers to Samsung to hold a 'Canton Fair' at their doorstep

Photos of the matchmaking meeting site

On the morning of May 9th, the 2023 Canton Fair International Merchants' Haimen Tour and Dieshiqiao Trade Matchmaking Meeting continued. Home textile enterprises made full preparations for the arrival of the merchants, and the participating enterprises enthusiastically introduced their "star brand" products to the merchants. After the merchants visited the enterprises, the participating enterprises continued to follow the merchants to the next location, and even returned to the hotel together, Express full sincerity towards the arrival of international buyers!

Photos of the matchmaking meeting site

The buyers of this matchmaking event have gained a lot, with a total of over 605 home textile foreign trade orders and an intended transaction amount of approximately 9.749 million US dollars. Among them, FTA Trade Industry Company from India and Nantong NOKELAN Company have reached an intention order of nearly 500000 US dollars, while PT wide world trading Company from Palestine and Solve Textile Company have reached an intention order of nearly 170000 US dollars, JESR AL MANAMA from Bangladesh has reached an intention order of nearly $200000 with ZOTENU Textile Company, among others. Intended products mainly focus on bedding, fabrics, curtains, and so on. The buyers have responded positively to this home textile matchmaking event. During the event, out of 56 international merchants invited by our company, 28 were invited by 67 home textile foreign trade enterprises to visit and inspect their stores or factories. The overall effect was good and the results were significant. In addition, merchants make full use of their leisure time to visit more Dieshiqiao Home Textile City Farms and enter physical stores for communication and exchange.

Taking this opportunity, international merchants have gained a deeper understanding of the background and planning of the home textile industry in Dieshiqiao. Mr. Zah from Yemen is interested in establishing a trading company in Dieshiqiao; Mr. Constantinov Bogdan tudor from Romania needs to understand the information of home textile enterprises to facilitate the continuous development of procurement cooperation with home textile suppliers in the later stage; Ms. ENA from Russia inquired about the preferential supporting services and entry and exit visa policies related to logistics shipments. At the same time, international merchants visit the local home textile market and feel the cultural atmosphere and commercial development of Dieshi Bridge. It is truly a "home textile capital, fashion city, tourist destination, and shopping paradise".

Group photo of overseas procurement team at Winbtb Exhibition

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