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Core tips:Holding a large-scale and comprehensive Import Expo in Central China - 2018 central (Changsha) Import Expo is a major action to build an open world economy, a comprehensive public platform for international cooperation, an effective measure to promote sup



Exhibition introduction



Holding background

Holding a large-scale and comprehensive import Expo in Central China - 2018 central (Changsha) import Expo is a major action to build an open world economy, a comprehensive public platform for international cooperation, an effective measure to promote supply side structural reform, an initiative to meet the people's needs for a better life, and an initiative of Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, Changsha Municipal Party committee The municipal government implements the specific plan of the general office of the State Council on accelerating import. As the only import trade fair in the central region, the "China import Expo" will provide an excellent platform for Hunan, especially Changsha, to further "open up and rise", create an "open economy", give full play to the regional advantages of Hunan's "the Belt and Road", and build a new bridge for economic and trade exchanges and expand new cooperation between Hunan and overseas countries.




Organizer: Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce and Changsha Municipal People's Government

Organizer: Changsha Kaifu District People's Government

Executive organizer: Hunan YAL culture media Co., Ltd Hunan Jiade Group Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Yinglong Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

Thematic Interpretation

The theme of this Changsha entry Expo is "developing central China and purchasing the world". In recent years, Hunan has actively expanded imports, and the foreign trade structure has been optimized day by day. According to customs statistics, from January to may 2018, the total import and export value of Hunan Province was 105.21 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 34.3%. Among them, the import was 39.79 billion yuan, an increase of 36.1%. This exhibition will set up six import themed exhibition areas with the theme of fashion life and modern home, cross-border e-commerce and international import services, food and alcohol, parallel imported cars, leisure life, import and export platform and comprehensive services, so as to build Hunan into an open economic new height in the central region and open up new channels and opportunities for enterprises around the world to carry out trade and strengthen cooperation.

Exhibition scale

Changsha International Fair will have an exhibition area of more than 20000 square meters. It is expected that more than 30000 professional buyers, 200 exhibition groups and 2000 enterprises from 50 countries and regions, including League of Arab States exhibition group, German E-Commerce Association and Thailand Sirindhorn company, will participate in the exhibition.



Highlights of the exhibition

Highlight 1: the first import commodities exhibition with the largest scale and influence in the central region

6 exhibition themes

14 exhibition areas


Highlight 2: "double track Exhibition", never ending



based on the development trend of "Internet + Exhibition" upgrading and innovation, create a "double line exhibition" development mode, so that the exhibition will never end, expand brand publicity, exhibition services and market expansion, and sign a strategic cooperation agreement with the "handheld WorldExpo platform" to provide exhibitors with the "exhibition Taobao" service of online exhibition + reception hall + transaction with huge traffic.



Highlight 3: set up activities with high matching, high quality and high specification

Opening ceremony and Forum

Opening ceremony and Forum Schedule on December 5

Guests attending the opening ceremony (to be invited)

Taste buds challenge · fine wine tasting

With the trend of globalization, wine has been called the "second language of international communication" after English, which is being recognized by more and more elites. A wine tasting area is set up at the 2018 central (Changsha) import Expo site to create the second largest exchange and tasting platform for exhibitors and professional visitors.

Consumer interaction activities

44 national beauty activities

During the conference, beauty activities will be held, and beauties from 44 countries around the world will be invited to perform to help improve the popularity of the scene.

International Cultural Performance

An international cultural performance area will be set up at the exhibition site to deeply combine exhibits with culture. Exhibitors can recommend relevant products in this area. In addition, the area will be equipped with fashion catering area, red wine tasting area and negotiation area.


Highlight 4: yacht exhibition area

The General Assembly will set up a yacht exhibition area, hold 10000 yacht experience activities during the exhibition, and open some yachts for visitors to visit. At the same time, the exhibition area is combined with consumer award-winning interactive activities, and the winners can get the opportunity to visit the Xiangjiang River free of charge with mysterious guests.




Three dimensional publicity

"online + offline", double line interaction, never ending

1. Authoritative media, presented in stages 1-3 months before the exhibition

2. online communities and media constantly create topics

3. Comprehensive publicity of large-scale railway hubs, such as Huahua square, commercial taxi station, etc. (no gap in front of the airport, bus station, etc.)

4. Digital, intelligent and information-based double line interaction



Authoritative media