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2021 Nantong international home textile, garment fabrics and accessories exhibition

Exhibition date 2021-05-18 to 2021-05-20 Status
Exhibition address Room 302, third floor, complex building, Yiwu International Expo Center, Zhejiang Province
Sponsor CPC Nantong Municipal Committee and Nantong Municipal People's Government
Undertaker Nantong Municipal Bureau of market supervision and administration, Nantong Municipal Bureau of Comme

Nantong is the birthplace of China's modern textile industry. It is a famous textile town, home textile city and textile and garment export base in China in recent years, in the "3 + 3 + n" modern industrial system fully built by Nantong municipal Party committee and government, the high-end textile industry has been listed as the first key development of traditional industries. Nantong textile industry is moving towards the high-end manufacturing process represented by digital, networked and intelligent equipment and technology ; The service process represented by the Internet, Internet of things, cloud computing and big data is high-end; The product value represented by technological innovation, mode innovation, method innovation, original design and brand operation is high-end.

"2021 Nantong international home textile, garment fabrics and accessories exhibition" (hereinafter referred to as Nantong Textile Expo), sponsored by the CPC Nantong Municipal Committee and Nantong Municipal People's government, and jointly undertaken by Nantong municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau, Nantong Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Jiangsu Nantong International Home Textile Industrial Park and Beijing Bowen International Exhibition Co., Ltd. The exhibition will closely follow the market demand and face the world, focusing on the display of home textiles and clothing, fabrics, accessories, etc new technologies, new products, new processes and new ideas in the textile industry , and build a one-stop business platform for supply and demand. As a key exhibition supported by the government , the association will promote the development pace of "digitization, networking and intelligence" of the whole process of the textile industry. While shaping Nantong "high-end home textile intelligent manufacturing demonstration base" , it will strive to become a national home textile characteristic brand and a national strong high-end textile city, ensure that the total output value of the high-end textile industry will reach 300 billion yuan in 2025, and boost the intelligent manufacturing Strive for the goal of high-end upgrading

Nantong International Convention and Exhibition Center is a landmark building of the central innovation zone and a key livelihood project of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government. The project includes two units: Convention Center and Exhibition Center, which can hold international unilateral conferences, large-scale international and domestic business conferences and boutique exhibitions. The exhibition center has an aboveground building area of about 33300 ㎡, an underground building area of about 8500 ㎡, a net exhibition area of about 20000 ㎡, about 1000 exhibitors and a green area of about 15800 ㎡; The aboveground building area of the conference center and the hotel is about 93200 M2 (47200 m2 for the conference center and 46000 m2 for the hotel), the underground building area is about 47000 m2, the number of hotel rooms is about 400, and the green area is about 30691 m2. The above ground building area of the science and Innovation Center Hotel is about 37856 m2, with about 203 guest rooms (including 11 suites)

Household textiles

All kinds of bed fabrics, decorative fabrics, tassels, lace, carpets, rags, down products, etc;

Decorative articles: sand release, sofa cover, leather, curtain, window screen, curtain track, curtain rod, door curtain, decorative cloth, shading cloth, flocking cloth, etc;

Household products: latex products, interior decorations, kitchen and bathroom textiles, cushion, cushion cover, pillow, cushion, table and chair cover, air conditioning cover cloth

Cloth sofa, soft bed, carpet, wallpaper, wall cloth, home accessories, ornaments, etc;

Clothing fabrics

Cotton, hemp, silk / imitation silk, wool / imitation wool, chemical fiber, knitting, functional fabrics, lace embroidery, printed fabrics, denim fabrics, shirt fabrics, etc;

Lining, zipper, button, thread belt, tassel, lace, sewing thread, embroidery thread, tag, shoulder pad, sign and other accessories;

Auxiliary materials

Fiber: natural fiber, chemical fiber, etc;

Yarn: pure cotton yarn, chemical fiber yarn, hemp wool yarn, blended yarn, functional yarn, special yarn, new fiber yarn, color yarn, color spinning, etc;

New textile materials: flame retardant, bacteriostatic, antistatic and other functional textile materials; Carbon fiber, chemical fiber, etc; Cutting edge fiber, new materials and so on.

Other supporting services

Textile information technology and application, all kinds of textile CAD / CAM design software and related publications and network media.

Theme Display

Logistics, warehousing and packaging exhibition area

E-commerce exhibition area

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  • Xing'an League member
  • Hotel reservation
  • Transportation services

In order to make more top enterprises in the high-end textile industry gather at the event, the organizers of Nantong Textile Expo customized special courtesies for exhibitors to help them obtain the maximum return with limited investment and market exposure in the same period.

Pre exhibition exclusive marketing assistance

Free promotion service in an electronic newsletter

For all exhibitors, the organizer will specially prepare the "2020 new exhibitor album" for extensive publicity to the 30000 audience database.

Continuous recommendation on the official website

The "famous exhibitors" column on the homepage of the official website of Nantong home textiles and accessories exhibition provides long-term exposure opportunities for all exhibitors.

For exhibitors to release news (soft text) on more than 100 websites and media we cooperate with, and the materials are provided by exhibitors.

Pre exhibition customer service upgrade

Exhibitor guidance:

Specially prepare the exhibitor's Guide to participate in the exhibition to help the exhibition preparation personnel master all the preparations before the exhibition in detail.

One to one exhibition assistance service:

Send reminder emails at important time nodes before the exhibition, and provide one-to-one telephone service specialists for new exhibitors to ensure the smooth preparation of your exhibition. In order to help the enterprises participating in Nantong home textiles and accessories exhibition for the first time successfully participate in the exhibition, and help you get the maximum return and exposure under the condition of constant investment, the organizer will customize a series of special courtesies for you.

Filling in this form does not represent the organizer's commitment to the booth

After the exhibition application form is successfully submitted, our customer service specialist will contact you in time

Note: * indicates mandatory items

Official registration

Nantong Binjiang Intercontinental Hotel Address: No. 508, Yuelong South Road, Nantong, near Langshan Scenic spot. Distance from starting point to Hotel

The driving distance of Nantong Langshan Scenic Spot is 2.1km (about 4 minutes)

The driving distance of Nantong Xingdong airport is 20.6km (about 45 minutes)

The driving distance of Nantong railway station is 14.1km (about 34 minutes)

4.8km (about 14 minutes) drive from the city center

The driving distance of Langshan Scenic Spot is 2.3km (about 5 minutes)

Junshan driving distance: 4.2km (about 7 minutes)

  • Instructions for visitors
  • Visit registration
  • VIP treatment
  • Project investigation

When the audience arrives at the scene, please apply for admission free of charge with the invitation letter of the audience and 3 business cards of your own industry. For temporary visitors, please register at the relevant counter according to the instructions and buy tickets before exchanging your visit card. When entering the site, please hang your pass on your chest and cooperate with the staff to check and scan.

1. Pre registered buyers before the exhibition (pre registered until July 2, 2020)

Log in to the official website of the website, click "visit registration" and submit personal information online; The visitors can register at the exhibition registration window for free after they receive the invitation letter and the invitation form from the organizing committee, and then they can register at the exhibition registration window for free.

[official website / telephone online visit pre registration] → [exchange for admission permit / visit guide with confirmation letter and personal business card] → [the entrance of the exhibition hall is scanned by staff] → [visit the museum]

2. On site registered buyers (buyers who have not been pre registered online and have not received the invitation)

Visitors who have not made an appointment in advance can obtain a visit permit through the following process.

Visit process:

Show three personal business cards / fill in the visit registration form → staff review information → apply for admission permit → enter and visit]

Filling in this form does not represent the organizer's commitment to the booth

After the exhibition application form is successfully submitted, our customer service specialist will contact you in time

Note: * indicates mandatory items

Official visit registration

Yinglong welfare:

  • Transportation subsidy

  • Free hotel

  • Free lunch

  • Specially assigned person to lead the team

  • Industrial investigation

  • Media cooperation
  • Advertising services
  • Translation services

Press registration

Please bring your business card and reporter's work card to get your interview card at the on-site reporter registration office.

Press conference room

The press conference room is in the exhibition hall, and the press release and exhibitor information are available to the press.

Invitation letter from media reporters

The exhibition will be held in China from April 8 to 10, 2021 Nantong International Convention and Exhibition Center opened. We sincerely invite you to interview and report here!

The exhibition made detailed arrangements for reporters' interviews. Reporters present can obtain a full set of relevant materials, whole process news reports and other exhibition information in the information office in the exhibition hall.

News service

• for media enquiries, please contact: the Organizing Committee of the conference

• Tel: + 86 189 1138 2586

• Fax: + 86 010-52338055

  • Trade matchmaking meeting
  • Conference Forum
  • Webcast
  • Short video contest
  • Design Salon

2021 textile green intelligent high quality development forum

2021 "14th five year plan" strategy seminar for industrial textiles industry

2021 enlarged meeting of the board of directors of China Industrial Textile Industry Association

2021 launch of high-end textile new technology products

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