2022 Yunnan Forest Ecological Products Yongping Plain Producing Activities came to a successful conc

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Core tips:From November 14thto 16th, 2022, jointly sponsored by Yunnan Forestry and grassland Bureau, Yunnan Nongxing Group Co., Ltd. and the People's Government of Yunnan Dali Prefecture, the 2022 Yunnan Forest Ecological products Yongping Plain producing are

From November 14th to 16th, 2022, jointly sponsored by Yunnan Forestry and grassland Bureau, Yunnan Nongxing Group Co., Ltd. and the People's Government of Yunnan Dali Prefecture, the "2022 Yunnan Forest Ecological products Yongping Plain producing area activity" was successfully held in Yunnan Walnut (Nuts) Trading Center in Yunnan Province. The three-day wonderful activity unveiled the mystery of this small border town that has precipitated for thousands of years.

1. Opening of the Event


On the afternoon of the 14th, sponsored by the Yunnan Forestry and Grassland Bureau, Yunnan Agricultural Reclamation Group Co., Ltd., and the people's Government of Dali Prefecture, and undertaken by the people's Government of Yongping County and Yunnan Agricultural Reclamation Walnut Industry Co., Ltd., the 2022 Yunnan Forest Ecological products producing area activity kicked off at the Yunnan Walnut (Nuts) Trading Center. 

Tian Jianhong, member and deputy director of the Provincial Forestry and Grass Bureau; Chen Yunyuan, member of the party committee and vice chairman of Yunnan Agricultural Reclamation Group Co., Ltd.; Ji Xiangyang, member of the party group and first-class inspector of the state government delivered opening speeches. Li Deqi, secretary of the county party committee; Li Jianping, deputy secretary of the county party committee and county magistrate, and Li Shengcheng, chairman of Yunnan Agricultural Reclamation Dali Walnut Industry Co., Ltd. unveiled the brand of Yunnan Nongken Dali Walnut Industry Co., LTD.

2 On-site evaluation / Enterprise Production and Marketing Docking

On the afternoon of the 14th, the buyers were driven to the Walnut Trading Center by the staffs from Winbtb Company. At the event site, a variety of featured Yunnan products were in full view. Forest ecological products such as walnut kernel, walnut oil, nut party, braised chicken, preserved goose, and preserved fruit are favored by buyers.


Yunnan Forest and Grass Supply Chain Co., Ltd. intended to purchase walnuts and related processed products worth 10 million yuan from Yunnan Muyuan Food Co., Ltd., bamboo shoots and related processed products valued at 15 million yuan from Yunnan Yunzhang Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., intended to purchase Hawaiian fruits and related processed products worth 16 million yuan from Yunnan Disi Enterprise Group Nuts Co., Ltd. 

Yongping Boxin Forestry Development Co., Ltd. and Jasmine June (Shandong) Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. intended to sign a 1.5 million yuan walnut product processing agreement. 

On the opening day, some purchasers and exhibitors reached an intention to cooperate with 42.5 million yuan, allowing the province's forest ecological products to open up a wider market and move towards a larger market.

Exhibits in the exhibition area

3  Bonan Cultural Festival

On the evening of the 15th, the opening ceremony of the 2022 Yongping Bonan Cultural Festival was held in Dali, Yunnan Province. According to Li Jianping, Yongping is named for a high mountain, prospers for an ancient road, grows for an ancient town and is famous for its delicious food. Culture is the soul and foundation of development. The prosperity of culture leads to the prosperity of the county, and if the culture is strong, the county is strong. We sincerely invite all guests and friends to gather in Yongping and Ka Yongping, take Bonan Ancient Road, stroll through Qudong Old Street, appreciate ancient trees and famous trees, and taste specialties! 

Let us feel the rich and colorful ethnic customs of Yongping, taste the food that enjoys thousands-of-year history, experience profound culture, and appreciate the charming scenery! 

Bonan Cultural Festival, a collection of fine works, splendid cultural prosperity which made people feel the unique culture of Yongping.

4 Visit Local Leading Enterprises

On the morning of December 16, a delegation of experts, scholars, buyers and traders visited the walnut factory and had a close experience of the production process of Yunnan walnut.


Yongping County walnut hanging fruit area of 1.5579 million mu, has completed the organic base certification of 1.02 million mu, has built 14 village-level standardized primary processing production lines, 2 walnut processing production lines with an annual output of 10, 000 tons of walnut (including 1 production line with an annual output of 10, 000 tons of walnut, 1 production line with an annual output of 10, 000 tons of walnut), invested 53 million yuan to complete the construction of walnut trading center in western Yunnan. A small walnut is not only the dominant industry and leading industry of Yongping, but also the future industry.


The delegation successively headed for Yongping Guoliang Agricultural and Sideline Products Co., Ltd., Yunnan Muyuan Food Co., Ltd., Yunnan Housheng Biological Co., Ltd., to visit walnut initial processing, intensive processing, early intensive processing production line construction. Under the enthusiastic explanation of the commentator, they had a further understanding and understanding of the planting situation, processing methods and industrial value of walnut in Yongping County.

5 Sightseeing the " Longjie Cross" Scenic spot


After leaving the walnut factory, the purchasers continued to go to Yongping Millennium Ancient Walnut Garden Mengli Longjie Cross National AAA Scenic spot. With their unique shapes and fascinating folktales, these ancient walnut trees make the visiting delegation stop to appreciate and praise them. By watching promotional films, listening to explanations and doing field research, the delegation experienced the culture of ancient walnut tree community and silk ancient stations, and personally felt the poetic and picturesque Yongping culture. 

The person in charge of the People's Government of Longjie town introduced: "The next step, the development planning of this place will optimize the operation management mode, according to the overall idea of 'one axis and two districts', and continue to cultivate and grow the characteristic industry; According to the government-led, enterprise independent operation and management mode, continue to improve the construction of facilities in the scenic area, integrate resources and strength, promote the construction of Yongping Millennia-old Walnut Garden, and create a diversified resort."

6 Taste Yongping Cuisine

As the saying goes, play in Dali and eat in Yongping. Braised chicken, spicy chicken, sliced beef…those are the Yongping cuisine we cannot miss when coming to Yongping.