The 3D digital exhibition hall of the first China International Consumer Goods Expo grabs the "

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Core tips:China Construction Bank meticulously created an "online digital exhibition" at the Consumer Fair, which adopts three-dimensional virtual reality technology and multimedia interactive means, superimposes various forms such as graphics, audio and

The first China International Consumer Goods Expo (hereinafter referred to as "consumer Expo") will be held in Haikou City, Hainan Province from May 7 to 10, 2021. China Construction Bank elaborately created the "online digital exhibition" at the conference, which adopts three-dimensional virtual reality technology and multimedia interactive means, superimposes various forms such as graphics, audio and video, and integrates the interactive experience of virtual products, displays the highlights of the consumer Expo and the cutting-edge technologies in the digital field in a normal way, comprehensively and three-dimensional shows the grand occasion of the consumer Expo, and deduces the "second scene" of Hainan consumer Expo with digital exhibition.

"Consumer goods, online exhibition"

As the global strategic partner of the consumer Expo, CCB actively cooperated with the organizing committee, actively connected and served exhibitors, relied on the "global matchmaking" platform and digital exhibition cloud platform of CCB, and made use of advanced big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other technologies to provide enterprises and institutions participating in the Expo, including VR exhibition hall display, digital navigation, exhibition government affairs, exhibition investment promotion The whole process of online exhibition services such as exhibition live broadcast, 3D Digital Banking and Exhibition operation services run through the service concept of "financing, intelligence, technology and integration" in the exhibition services.

"Digital business opportunities, online negotiation"

The 3D digital exhibition hall of Hainan consumer Expo includes free trade port exhibition hall, CCB digital bank exhibition hall and enterprise exhibition hall. Among them, the enterprise exhibition hall includes selecting 10 overseas enterprises to build a high-quality 3D exhibition area and 91 international famous and high-quality enterprises to build an online 2D exhibition platform. The whole digital exhibition hall uses three-dimensional modeling, Mr and AR technology to create a real space experience of immersive exhibition. Through online exhibition, we can understand the exhibition information and exhibitors' data, so that the experiencer seems to be in the offline exhibition hall.

At the same time, as a supplement to the traditional offline exhibitions and investment promotion, the online digital exhibition of CCB has created a global industrial chain supply chain and an all-weather online exhibition service platform, which can stabilize foreign trade, grasp orders and expand the market for enterprises through multiple channels, and truly realize a "never ending" exhibition that is not limited by content, form, scale, distance and participation mode.

In the future, CCB will display the 3D digital exhibition hall in the government's foreign investment promotion department and 11 parks, integrate the content of "Commodity Exhibition + supply and demand matching (procurement and supply) + financial services + smart logistics", and use the digital exhibition for aggregation and promotion, so as to further improve the experience effect of cross-border supply and demand matching of enterprises, so that the government can better empower enterprises while attracting foreign investment and supply chain matching, Provide accurate and comprehensive online financial services for enterprises.

(picture and text source: official account of China International Consumer Goods Expo, infringed and deleted)