Yinglong exhibition contributed to the successful holding of North China (Tianjin) International bic

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Core tips:It lasted three days (March 22-24). At Tianjin Meijiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, a large-scale industry professional exhibition - 2019 North China International bicycle and electric vehicle exhibition has just ended. According to th

It lasted three days (March 22-24). At Tianjin Meijiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, a large-scale industry professional exhibition - 2019 North China International bicycle and electric vehicle exhibition has just ended.








Exhibition data



The total exhibition area of this exhibition is more than 100000 square meters, with 6000 standard booths and more than 600 exhibitors. Among them, there are more than 100 large specially decorated booths with an area of more than 200 square meters, and the largest booth area reaches 3000 square meters.





(inside the venue)



Exhibition scope



Bicycles, electric vehicles and spare parts

Sharing bicycles and related technical products

Stroller and parts

Leisure products for the elderly

New energy and green transportation

Production and processing equipment

Environmental protection equipment and technology

Process and materials

Sports and leisure products and equipment



Highlights of the exhibition



(一)Big brands gather and stars shine

This exhibition brings together many famous brands of bicycles and electric vehicles, including: Fujida, Emma, Colin, knife, tailing, Lima, bidewen, Baodao, lvneng, Talang, Lvju, aisek, Tianjin sunshine, flying pigeon, forever, Phoenix, Xindazhou, Zongshen, Qingqi, Jinpeng, Xianglong, Wuyang Honda, etc; And supporting enterprises include: Tianneng, Chaowei, Xingheng, tangze, Bosch, Zhengxin, Jianda, Chaoyang, Wanda, Sanyuan, jiluer, Jiangxin, Jingqiu, Xingwei, Ruilong Fengde and other large enterprises and well-known brands at home and abroad; New energy electric vehicle brands such as Shenghao, bubuxian and Ping'an family also appeared in this exhibition.



(Bosch booth, Germany)




(二)The product is full of creativity and shows the trend and direction

The "new national standard" electric bicycle with cool fashion and rich colors is sought after by the audience; Intelligent supporting products rich in "black technology" elements have attracted more young people to stop and watch; High end innovative products made of new materials, new processes and new technologies have become the focus of cyclists.

The diversified market demand of "new national standard" products urges the continuous exploration and development of the industry, giving birth to more bicycle and electric vehicle enterprises seeking innovation and change.







(featured exhibits)



(三)Activities emerge one after another and are wonderful

On the opening day of the exhibition, a high-level and wide-ranging International Cooperation Summit Forum on bicycles and electric vehicles going out of the "the Belt and Road" was held, and in-depth discussions were carried out around international scientific and technological exchanges, scientific and technological innovation, prospects for foreign economic and trade cooperation, industrial development trends and market demands.







(forum site)




(四)The international buyer procurement matchmaking meeting has yielded fruitful results

Professional buyers invited by Yinglong arrived one after another for business negotiations with Chinese enterprises. The scene was full and crowded, with multiple intention orders and single orders exceeding tens of millions of dollars. According to incomplete statistics of the organizing committee, the intended transaction amount at the contact meeting exceeded US $150 million.



(contact meeting site)


(foreign businessmen are communicating cooperation details with exhibitors)


(supplement: the participating overseas senior strength buyers are from Japan, Thailand, Italy, Yemen, Pakistan, Ukraine, Moldova, Nigeria, Mongolia, the Netherlands, Albania, India, Malaysia, Ethiopia, South Korea, Eritrea, Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Mauritius, the United States, Turkey, Indonesia, Russia, Bangladesh, Macedonia, Spain More than 30 countries and regions such as Nepal, UAE, UK and Togo.)



Moreover, Yinglong also carefully arranged a foreign delegation to visit Feige group.

Founded in 1936, flying pigeon has an annual production and sales capacity of 3 million. It has obtained ultra-high brand awareness and user satisfaction in both domestic and international markets. It is a well deserved national brand. A business interview meeting was held on site, covering the possibility of investment and plant construction, agent processing, import and export processes, product standards, etc., which laid a solid foundation for further business cooperation.


(visit the factory production process)


(picture: group photo of Feige group)




Exhibition significance



With the industry's positive response to the "the Belt and Road" initiative, "made in China" has been able to go global, actively carry out mutually beneficial exchanges with countries along the belt and road, reach consensus and achieve win-win results.

While paying attention to the comprehensive benefits of industry development, the exhibition provides exhibitors with a broad platform for new product promotion, brand marketing, trade negotiation and cultural display. It provides the greatest convenience for exhibitors to expand business channels, develop potential markets and promote product innovation. It has become a wind vane for realizing industrial linkage and promoting industry development.

Yinglong's whole process considerate service



Since its establishment in 2008, Yinglong has held more than 200 global buyer procurement matchmaking meetings for China Industrial Exhibition, serving nearly 30000 foreign businessmen.

After the exhibition, on the occasion of parting, foreign businessmen expressed their gratitude to us one after another, praised Yinglong's professionalism and considerate, and provided practical and effective support for them to find ideal products and get to know manufacturers.








In just a few days, we have established a deep friendship. Foreign businessmen talked about the anecdotes of various countries, shared their thoughts and Thoughts on the development of the cause in China, and exchanged insights and understanding of the bicycle and electric vehicle industry.

They talked with each other happily and gained a lot.



(picture: Welcome Dinner)



In the future, we will continue to hold a professional attitude and establish a good business exchange platform for mutual assistance and win-win development for global buyers with a standardized and standardized service system.



(picture: group photo of Yinglong foreign team)