Integrated interactive marketing

Bus advertising  |  Battery car advertising


International famous exhibition hotel shuttle bus

Huge advertising wall, "in the museum - Urban" mobile communication, high-frequency display, surrounded release of the whole museum, concentration of target audience ~!!

Canton Fair hotel bus parking diagram


1. Spray painting advertisement on car body and window

Advertising effect is more intuitive and brand building is strong      

Multi point distribution inside and outside the exhibition hall of large foreign trade exhibition + CBD business district crowd in the city center

The largest advertising car, mobile advertising wall!

2. Double sided spray painting advertisement of window glass

The picture is neat and uniform, the effective radiation distance is 50m, and the mobile advertising effect.   

Internal and external combination promotion, external advertising focuses on simple brand promotion, while in car advertising takes into account the in-depth promotion of products, with strong systematic promotion.


3. Full window spray advertising

The window advertisement of the bus has large screen area, high vision, combined with the characteristics of mobile advertising, huge momentum and strong brand shaping.


4. Seat cover advertisement and vehicle WiFi mobile phone advertisement

Headwear features:

The best visual advertisement for passengers allows customers to understand the advertising content at the first time. Mandatory viewing, the headline advertisement is integrated, which has to be seen in front of passengers; Advertising information repeatedly enters the sight of passengers.

Good advertising environment. Passengers in the car are in the state of "nothing to do" when they take the bus, and will spontaneously search for more information. The advertising arrival rate is 100%.

Combined with WiFi advertising and free internet service of wireless internet access in the car, the network connection interface first displays advertising information, and headline advertising is the best media for mobile advertising drainage.

In car WiFi advertising features:

Our company has installed wireless Wi Fi Internet access equipment in the shuttle bus of large foreign trade exhibition Hotel, and has its own "winbtb" WiFi wireless network promotion system. It provides enterprises with a rich self-defined advertising promotion platform; The advertising content of the platform can be used by enterprises to customize the main creative design, novel creativity, media interaction and other promotion methods. Users can log in free Wi Fi and jump to the enterprise customized promotion page, so that users can be familiar with, pay attention to and participate in the enterprise promotion content, provide more buyers with personalized value-added services, and make the trade process more smooth and efficient!

Example illustration of bus advertisement


Bus advertising  |  Battery car advertising

Battery car advertising


Domestic and foreign merchants, national leaders and leaders of the Ministry of commerce at the exhibition hall

Media features:

1. It is located in the core area of the Canton Fair Exhibition Hall, with high attention from merchants;

2. Mobile advertising, with a wide range of advertising radiation;

3. Customized advertising production and promotion can be carried out according to customer needs;




Pazhouguan battery car driving circuit diagram


Example illustration of battery car advertisement