Conference and forum Organizer


Covers: International Conference forum, invitation of overseas government officials and guests, global online live promotion, international cultural exchange, industrial investigation and docking, industrial development report, etc. Make use of market alliance, overseas business associations, exhibitors / purchasers' data resources, media communication and other comprehensive standardized service systems to "go global" for China's industrial exhibition, and "please come in" for international industries to provide practical and effective integrated marketing services. 


Planning and undertaking cases of conference and Forum


1. Stuttgart Suzhou Wuzhong District Germany Promotion Conference

 Zhu Weige, commercial counselor of the Chinese Consulate General in Frankfurt, pan Zhengming, director of Jiangsu Provincial Office in bafu, Germany, Xu Xing, member of the Standing Committee of Wuzhong District Party committee and deputy head of Wuzhong District, leaders of relevant departments of Wuzhong District and Development Zone, and representatives of invited enterprises attended the meeting.


2. Special recruitment fairs for overseas high-level talents in Frankfurt and London

The fair covers a wide range of fields, including universities, communications, media, new energy, automotive engineering, aerospace and so on. According to statistics, 285 people actually attended the Frankfurt special job fair, including 201 doctors, 70 postgraduates and 14 undergraduates. In just three hours of negotiation, 108 people reached their intention. 298 people actually attended the special job fair in London, including 238 with doctor's degree or above and 60 graduate students. 151 people reached the intention and 82 actually signed the contract.


 3. Jiangsu Changshu garment trade investment promotion conference