Planning and operation of import exhibition/import mall


"Please come in" from the source of the base price of overseas genuine products, and provide a systematic investment attraction operation solution of "Product Exhibition + cultural exchange + government cooperation + investment attraction landing + operation improvement" for the cooperative import exhibition / import mall.


Service system of import exhibition / import mall

Product display:Attract investment for the source goods production enterprises in different industries in overseas countries to create a label for the base price of high-quality genuine products for the exhibition;

Cultural exchange:Introduce overseas characteristic culture, deduce and interact, drive product sales and improve the publicity effect of the exhibition with rich and colorful culture;

Buyer docking:Hold a procurement matchmaking meeting to invite buyers of imported goods in China (supermarkets, market merchants and traders of imported goods) for overseas exhibitors, so as to improve the transaction effect and reputation of the exhibition;

Government cooperation:Promote economic and trade exchanges between the two countries through the integration and exchange of products and cultures and high-level dialogue between governments;

Investment promotion landing:It has opened up the sales channels of online shopping malls, offline supermarkets and markets for overseas source goods exhibitors, and increased the cooperation opportunities for the government to attract investment;

Operating with goods:Improve the business service system and provide online and offline systematic marketing empowerment for overseas high-quality products to be sold in China all year round (products of overseas enterprises can be managed and operated) 


Planning and operation case of import Exhibition


The first central China (Changsha) Import Expo

As the general planner of the exhibition and the general agent of overseas investment promotion, Yinglong exhibition successfully organized more than 240 overseas enterprises to participate in the exhibition for the project, from more than 40 countries such as Italy, France, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Russia, Belarus, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, India, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Sudan, Ukraine, Iran, Brazil and Iraq. The range of exhibits covers maternal and infant products, beauty and personal care, handicrafts, gifts, food and beverage, health products, fashion accessories, smart home, etc.


2019 Japan South Korea (Qingdao) import commodities Expo


2019 China Yiwu Import Commodities Expo autumn exhibition

2019 Weihai International Food Expo and China South Korea commodity Expo