2021 Haining Spring Home Expo successfully concluded

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Core tips:On March 30, the three-day 2021 Haining China International Home Textiles (spring) Expo came to a successful conclusion. In the short three days, nearly 60000 visitors and businessmen accumulated at the Expo, far exceeding expectations.

On March 30, the three-day 2021 Haining China International Home Textiles (spring) Expo came to a successful conclusion. In the short three days, the number of visitors to the Expo was nearly 60000, far exceeding expectations; The realization of (intention) transaction volume during the exhibition period is a clear sweep of the haze brought by the COVID-19 on the home textile industry.

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Opening ceremony

On March 28, 2021 Haining China International Home Textiles (spring) Expo was grandly opened.

This Haining Home Textile Expo continues to adhere to the development concept of "one piece of cloth" to "one home", with the theme of "smart manufacturing · making home better". Through the exhibition of fashion fabric art, new fabric products, finished home textile, smart home textile machinery and equipment, it interprets the "smart manufacturing" level of home textile and further shows the latest achievements of Haining home textile industry.

"Haining home textile Cup" design competition was officially launched

On March 28, "Haining home textile Cup" 2021 China International Home Textile creative design competition was officially launched.

Haining home textile cup, founded in 2003, is the first home textile design competition in China. The competition is rooted in "Xu village, a famous cloth art town in China". After more than ten years of accumulation and development, it has become an important window for the promotion of home textile brand culture and a professional platform for competition and exchange of designers at home and abroad. In the process of continuous integration with the home textile industry in Xucun, Haining, it leads the trend and continuously injects infinite vitality and new ideas into the product innovation, design exchange and talent introduction of the home textile industry.

The second China home soft decoration and finished curtain Brand Construction Summit Forum

On March 28, the second China home soft decoration and finished curtain Brand Construction Summit Forum was successfully held in "Xu village, a famous cloth art town in China".

This forum invited many masters and elites in the home textile industry to focus on the current hot topics such as home soft decoration and finished curtain marketing mode innovation, brand construction and protection, and provide new inspiration and ideas for the innovation and upgrading of home textile enterprises in the form of keynote speech + sharing and exchange, so as to jointly expand the Xintiandi for the upgrading and development of home textile industry.

Cross border live broadcast

At this Expo, the organizers invited three overseas traffic anchors to conduct live tour of Haining Home Textile Expo through the Facebook page of Haining China Home Textile City, YouTube platform and Amazon store, as well as cross-border delivery live broadcast of high-quality home textile products, so as to further enhance the popularity of Haining and "Haining home textile" and make "Haining manufacturing" more convenient to go abroad, Let the majority of home textile enterprises have a more intuitive understanding of the development of cross-border e-commerce.

Fashion fabric Innovation Exhibition

At this Expo, the fashion fabric innovation center jointly initiated and established by Zhejiang University of technology and Haining China Home Textile City launched more than 30 latest research and innovative R & D achievements for the first time, injected new fashion into the innovative development of home textile industry and attracted countless merchants. Realize the value promotion of home textile fashion and brand through scientific and technological empowerment and creative empowerment.

Intelligent mechanical equipment exhibition

This Expo closely follows the "smart manufacturing" and launches the intelligent mechanical equipment exhibition in the form of "exhibition in exhibition". The exhibition area and participating enterprises are the largest in history. The exhibition area of more than 1200 square meters has attracted more than 20 mechanical equipment brands such as Duma, Lihua and Jack to fully show the current new technology and level of home textile through on-site weaving demonstration.

Exhibition scene

With an exhibition area of 310000 square meters, more than 3000 cloth brands and machinery manufacturers participated in the Expo. The product categories include curtain cloth, sand release, window screen, wall cloth, bedding, intelligent mechanical equipment, accessories / accessories, etc. The exhibition site was full of people, and merchants from all over the country gathered at Haining Home Textile Expo to see samples, exchange and purchase.

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2021 Haining China International Home Textiles (Autumn) Expo

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