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Core tips:Where is the "high" of high-end customization? What are the future trends? With the pace of China Construction Expo (Shanghai), I will interpret several main trends for you.

China Construction Expo 2021 (Shanghai) was successfully concluded in Shanghai Hongqiao · National Convention and Exhibition Center on March 26. With the positioning of "whole house high-end customization platform", this exhibition launched a new core theme of "high-end customization, design leading", deepened the new model of "exhibition store alliance", and innovatively set up five theme pavilions, including doors and windows, main materials, electrical appliances, Gaoding and customization. There are more than 550 exhibitors with an exhibition area of 160000 square meters, The three-day exhibition period was supported by all parties in the construction and decoration industry, and the total number of professional visitors reached 106047.

5.1 design customization hall was crowded, and a long line was formed in front of Gaoding brand. So where is the "high" of high-end customization? What are the future trends? With the pace of China Construction Expo (Shanghai), I will interpret several main trends for you.

Trend point 1 · immersion

Dim lights, clear moving lines and pleasant fragrance, each atmosphere and detail reveals a unique high-level feeling... Hall 5.1 creates a unique immersive high setting experience space to perfectly present the products of various high setting brands. All this comes from the unique design of the exhibition area: the height of the exhibition area is uniformly limited to 4.4m, and there is no main light. The whole exhibition hall uses dark black carpet, and several lights are scattered between the passages, which is both guidance and contrast. All eyes are focused on the brand booth, immersed and high-grade; The unified moving line and the consistent opening of the booth make the flow of people more smooth, and you can stroll to the end.

This is also reflected in VIFA Weifa. VIFA Weifa joined hands with German Christoph lighting to participate in the exhibition as scheduled. Around the brand soul of "Minimalism", "style" and "elegance", it created a natural Bauhaus style, vividly displayed the modern aesthetics of smart home, and moved the quiet, grand and modern home space to the exhibition to immerse people.

Great music has the faintest notes, great form Is beyond shape invisible. Zuo shangmingshe skillfully combines the three elements of products, furniture and exhibition hall. With the rational shell built on the metal skeleton and super-scale core space, it reshapes the space definition of a home compatible with Vientiane, and also allows exhibitors to fully understand the possibility outside the law of space and enjoy the pure spiritual world in the Museum.

Minimalist trend II

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, a famous architect in the 1930s, once said "less is more". In the fast-paced 21st century, minimalism is favored by the younger generation because of its concise and refreshing style, and it is also one of the key development trends of the current home building materials related industries.

Milacolo follows the aesthetics of "Italian design", integrates exquisite craftsmanship with ingenious and elegant design, and promotes the minimalist style to a new level based on the understanding of simplicity. For each specific space of home, decorate the space with simple design methods.

Three magpies appeared in the exhibition with the theme of "first sight", covering the whole case of wooden products such as indoor wooden door, wall decoration, wardrobe system, overall cabinet and storage system, perfectly integrating and setting off the space art and product details, so as to achieve a quiet and comfortable presentation effect.

Key points of trend III. wonderful pen

Design needs inspiration, and some unique details can often add color to the overall design. Adding bright colors and specific themes to products and spaces can often bring unexpected presentation effects to the overall space, meet consumers' needs for finding comfortable home space with ingenuity, and bring people a pleasant mood.

With the theme of "foresight · extraordinary", Tucson conveys health, healing and nature with the spirit of a big country brand, jumps out of the routine operation of cold design concept, focuses on "color" and "oil mixing", and finds new possibilities in the future with "re innovation" and "rebirth".

Meiluobao experiences space, light and shadow, materials and details through interior architecture, explores the modern Oriental residential mode and the need to return to reality through people-oriented thinking, and works with Tang Zhonghan, a famous design expert in Taiwan, to create a new contemporary Oriental Aesthetics - TC morning fog series.

Lang villa is the inspiration source. To get straight to the point, Lang villa originates from Tianfu Chengdu and is surrounded by mountains. It has the snow mountain scenery of "windows containing thousands of autumn snow in Xiling". "Green city and quiet world" is a beautiful scenery of green mountains. Therefore, the charm of mountains will be used to show the brand strength.

Key points of trend 4: National tide

As one of the emerging trends, Guochao style not only conveys people's confidence in traditional culture, but also witnessed the growth of a large number of national brands. When the national tide meets the home, what sparks will it collide with? It not only has Chinese tradition, but also combines the current trend, reflecting the beauty of the integration of inheritance and innovation.

At the exhibition, Mengtian woodwork made its first public appearance in 2021 new products of water paint woodwork. The new product adheres to the consistent wood aesthetics of Mengtian woodwork, breaks through the boundary of traditional design style through the interpretation of the new color system of Mengtian 2021, and blooms the new aesthetics of Guochao woodwork.

Vario Wanli joined hands with six new products, including the New Fibonacci series and the new Kraft series, to appear at China Construction Expo (Shanghai). Display Wanli's high-end customization of "Shanghai style light luxury" to bring a shocking visual feast to the audience.

Oomoo made its debut in the exhibition with the concept of "tide setting out the circle, changing tide playing generation". It shows creative life everywhere and promotes the concept of young tide setting woodwork brand. This first show, together with Enrico taranta, an internationally renowned architect and interior designer, presents the ultimate beauty of fashion.

Trend point 5: cross border

With the younger target group of home consumers, many home enterprises are also looking for a breakthrough to transform their brands across borders to different fields. High end customization is one of the hot cross-border brands this year. The concept of high-end customized home extends from the field of garment customization, and has high requirements for design, material selection and other aspects. At the scene of China Construction Expo (Shanghai), there are many cross-border brands.

K.KIECHEL based on the design style of "high-grade, high-end and high luxury", Kiechel integrates the primary color charm of solid wood customization with the modern characteristics full of fashion, so as to create a new customized new home.

KLF Casa made a stunning debut in the big market of Gaoding industry with "simplicity & luxury" as the element tone. To provide visitors with a visual feast combining art and space.

Este perfectly combines space aesthetics with products, takes "restraint and eternity" as the theme, and brings new touch cabinet series, wavy wardrobe series, freelance and cozy hall cabinet series to show with innovative design, excellent workmanship and exquisite quality.

Whose house will the flowers fall when the wind blows? In 2021 China Construction Expo (Shanghai), a number of powerful Gaoding brands such as Tucson, Weifa, Mengtian, M77, OOD, Wanli, meiluobao, three magpies, Zuo shangmingshe, sheyue, langshu, Este, oomoo, redini, Kalia, KK, Kelaifu and ouzhe all showed the latest style, with continuous highlights and highlights!

For more trends, please pay attention to Hongqiao, Shanghai from March 22 to 24, 2022. China Construction Expo (Shanghai) will take you online!

(image and text source: official account of China Construction Expo, infringed and deleted)